Hayabusa MMA Gloves Review

The world of MMA Gloves can be confusing for the average buyer. Making sense of all those slightly weird sounding terms would require that you at least have a majors in chemistry.

Fortunately, in our Hayabusa MMA gloves review, we aim to demystify just about everything you’ll need to know about Hayabusa MMA Gloves.

The reason why we’ve chosen Hayabusa is that they often come highly recommended and you can’t help but notice their advertising splashed across most high profile MMA fights.

Hayabusa is also a brand that is endorsed by many high profile MMA fighters. Also, not all those endorsements are paid which begs the question if their gloves are really that good?

We will examine and review 4 of the most popular Hayabusa MMA gloves, and tell you whether or not they are worth your hard-earned money.

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Brand – Who Are Hayabusa?

The name “Hayabusa” means Peregrine Falcon in Japanese. The predatory falcon offers the best combination of strength, power, and speed which it is known to use to strike with precision and ferocity.

Hayabusa is regarded as a premium manufacturer of MMA gloves, equipment and apparel. The brand’s equipment is used by elite athletes from across the world. The company’s gloves also come highly recommended by many MMA professionals including coaches and teams.

Over the years Hayabusa has developed its own patented technology. The company believes that the in-house technology helps them design the best MMA gloves in the industry.

Are Hayabusa Gloves Good?

As with any brand, the answer to this is Yes & No. Despite Hayabusa being one of the largest brands in the MMA market, not all of their products are great.

Over the years the company has launched some excellent MMA gloves which attracted a lot of praise from the MMA community. However, they have also been responsible for releasing many lousy gloves too. Some perhaps worse than others.

To make things simple and help you find the right gloves we’ve only reviewed their better models. The Hayabusa gloves reviewed below are all available as of this writing.

What’s The Price Range?

Hayabusa gloves typically range from between $50-$80. The price is dependent on a couple of factors like the quality of material, size & style of glove.

When buying MMA gloves price shouldn’t be a top priority. What should be important is the quality of the material, comfort level, wrist support and power delivery.

Hayabusa MMA Gloves Reviews

Let’s get right down to the Hayabusa MMA gloves review and see if we think they’re worth buying and why below.

Hayabusa Ikusa Charged MMA Gloves Review

hayabusa mma gloves review
hayabusa mma gloves review


Lets kick off our Hayabusa MMA glove review with one of their most popular models.

The latest Ikusa Charged MMA gloves offer some of the best balance of wrist protection and support with solid drive performance. The glove benefits from Hayabusa’s use of exclusive technologies coupled with premium quality designs which are guaranteed by the company to exceed expectations.

Perhaps its star feature has to be the excellent performance, comfort, and fit which will benefit both grapplers and stand-up fighters. Plus, at 4oz it is in adherence to the official weight regulation for training and competition.

Grapplers will find that the Y-Volar design helps to them to retain grip while allowing for maximum stability. Stand-up fighters will benefit from the Dual-X wrist closure patented design which offers max striking power without compromising wrist positioning.

Quality & Material

Hayabusa as a brand rarely ever compromises on quality. In the case of the Ikusa Charged MMA gloves, it is mainly comprised of synthetic leather.

While the material used are some of the best used in the MMA products industry, it is not good for heavy bag work. Perhaps the reasoning being that it is not as thickly padded as some of other Hayabusa’s products. However, not being heavily padded makes the gloves lighter and improves power delivery.

It can be worn with light wrapping. Though the important thing about the Ikusa Charged gloves is that you need to buy the right size since there isn’t a break-in period.  


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  • Made from high-quality material
  • Offers excellent wrist support
  • Comparatively light on the pocket
  • Can be used by both grapplers and stand up strikers
  • Weighs 4oz which is the official regulated weight for MMA gloves


  • Not ideal for heavy bag work

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki Gloves Review

hayabusa mma gloves review
hayabusa mma gloves review


If you are looking for comfortable Hayabusa MMA gloves, then you can’t go wrong with the T3 Kanpeki. Made from full-grain, premium quality leather, it’s without a doubt very comfortable regardless if used for sparring or competition.

The so-called pre-curved design reduces hand fatigue, while the Dual X closure helps to further stabilize the wrist reducing impact on the joints. Also featured on the T3 Kanpeki is antimicrobial lining which eliminates the growth of bacteria and hence the associated odor.

Upon closer inspection, it is hard not to notice the high-quality craftsmanship. It’s a real beauty!

Quality & Material

The T3 Kanpeki is made almost entirely of premium quality, high-grade full grain leather. It is soft, and well designed ensuring a perfect fit.

Hayabusa’s attention to detail is impeccable with the Kanpeki as everything from the inner lining to the stitching looks flawless. The use of high-quality foam also means that the gloves don’t require a conventional breaking in, regardless of if you are a stand-up fighter or like to take it to the ground.

Though overall comfort level is high, some fighters may not find the use of full grain leather ideal for them. However, those who are concerned about scuffing, scratching and tearing can be assured that the material holds up.


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  • Made from highly durable and comfortable full grain leather
  • Beautiful design with excellent attention to detail
  • Wrist protection
  • Reduced hand fatigue
  • Antimicrobial lining inside eliminates odor


  • Slightly higher priced compared to other Hayabusa MMA gloves

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves Review

hayabusa mma gloves review
hayabusa mma gloves review


The Tokushu Regenesis are a pair 4oz MMA Gloves which is an improvement upon its predecessor. This time around they are 30% better ergonomically with its pre-curved design. Though it still features the highly successful patented Dual-X Wrist Closure system which provides excellent wrist support.

Hayabusa’s Tokushu Regenesis ensure maximum power generation while providing maximum protection to the hands. The tried and tested Y-Volar design helps to deliver excellent fit without comprising performance and stability something that will favour strikers to a great extent.

Quality & Material

Hayabusa’s Tokushu Regenesis is made from the company’s highly regarded AG fabric which features X-Static XT2. This is an anti-microbial technology that helps to remove odor. That technology ensures that odor does not ruin the comfort of these predominantly leather gloves.

Interestingly, the gloves are washable, and washing will not remove its anti-microbial properties. Though we wouldn’t advise washing anything that’s made of leather frequently. So, reserve the washing for when it is absolutely necessary.

Ideally, these gloves should be worn over a thin layer of wrapping to ensure that it does not become sweaty.


No products found.


  • Anti-microbial technology removes odor
  • Washable
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Provides extra wrist protection and better fit


  • Can’t be worn with thick wrapping
  • Not ideally suited for heavy bag work

Hayabusa Tokushu Regenesis Gloves Review

hayabusa mma gloves review
hayabusa mma gloves review


Moving onto the 4th and final model of our Hayabusa MMA gloves review, the Hayabusa T3 MMA Gloves.

These gloves are ergonomically designed for both striking and grappling. It can be used for both sparring and competing.

The gloves feature Hayabusa’s pre-curved design which reduces hand fatigue. The Dual-X closure allows for better hand and wrist stabilization. That stability is further enhanced by a Y-Volar design. Users have reported an excellent contoured fit which helps it stay in place regardless of if you are grappling or striking.

Quality & Material

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is the glove’s attention to detail. The craftsmanship is outstanding, and that is what contributes to its durability. It is also the reason why it is the MMA glove of choice for elite athletes.

The 4oz MMA gloves are made from Vylar material, which is synthetic, so no animals are harmed in order to make these bad boys. Though the material is very light in addition to being ultra-resistant. It can also be washed, unlike leather gloves.

The T3 has passed tests for properties like elasticity, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance. So, you can expect years of service life even after having been used in gruelling fights.


No products found.


  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Reduces hand fatigue
  • Y-Volar design for better wrist support
  • XT2 antimicrobial lining


  • No apparent con in our opinion

Hayabusa MMA Gloves Size Chart

Check out the size chart below to know which is best for you.

hayabusa mma gloves review

Alternative Brand – Venum 

Now if for some reason none of the Hyabusa gloves above tickle your fancy, why not try Venum? It is an equally reputed brand and known for manufacturing some of the best MMA gloves in the industry.

Venum sells a selection of high-quality MMA gloves with each known for their excellent quality. However, the company uses a different approach to designing and manufacturing MMA gloves which is why it is the brand of choice for those looking for an alternative.

Venum sells both grain leather gloves as well as those that are made from synthetic materials. They also have their own anti-microbial materials but ones that work slightly differently.

If you are considering perhaps exploring the best Venum MMA gloves, then take a look at our in-depth Venum MMA Gloves review here.

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Hayabusa MMA Gloves Review: The Verdict

We thank you for taking the time to read through our comprehensive Hayabusa MMA gloves review. However, after having read everything above the million dollar question is: do we recommend the brand?

Yes! We do recommend the brand but as mentioned above you can’t trust all their gloves will be the same.

So, it pays to do your research and find the best Hayabusa gloves. The ones above are the best that they have to offer today in our opinion. Though they may launch better ones in the future and we may review them too.

So, out of all the ones we’ve reviewed above which ones do we recommend? While each is good in their own right but if there were one we could pick it would have to be the T3 Kanpeki MMA Gloves.

The T3 Kanpeki MMA Gloves are an excellent choice despite their comparatively higher price. The reason for choosing the T3 Kanpeki is its versatility, durability, and comfort while minimizing if not eliminating wrist strain.

Also, the T3 Kanpeki is an excellent choice for combat sports in general apart from boxing. It can and is used by professional MMA fighters which is why its quality and durability is unquestionable.



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