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There’s no denying that punching bags provide an amazing work out for kids.

Not only are they brilliant exercise, but also opens the door to new combat sports that will allow your child to develop invaluable self-defence skills.

With that in mind, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the best punching bags for kids on the market.

These will allow your child to perform a range of exercises whilst developing their striking skills from home.


Different Types of Punching Bag

When you’re looking to buy a punching bag for a child, you’ll most likely come across two different types – free standing and hanging.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks, which I’ll discuss below.

Free Standing VS. Regular Punching Bags


Due to the fact that hanging heavy backs swing from side to side, they tend to take up more space. Therefore, if space is an issue for you, the more suitable option would be a free standing punching bag, as they swing far less than hanging models.

Ease of Use

Setting up a free standing punching bag tends to be far easier than setting up a hanging heavy bag. All you need to do is fill the base with either sand or water, make sure that body is attached correctly and you’re good to go.

Hanging heavy bags require some form of beam to hang the bag from, a stand or a ceiling mount. This is pretty time consuming and is far harder to set up than a freestanding option.

Similarly, not all hanging bags come with all the accessories required to hang the bag, meaning that you may have to spend a bit more in order to get the bag set up.


Although this may not be such an issue with children, free standing hanging bags can’t withstand as much power as hanging heavy bags.

If struck with too much force, a freestanding model can easily topple over. Whereas a hanging heavy bag has the ability to swing from side to side and is attached to the ceiling.

Best Kids Free Standing Punching Bag

We’re going to start off our list of the best punching bags for kids by taking a look at some of the top free standing models on the market.

Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster – Best Kids Punching Bag

Lil' Dragon Wavemaster


First up is the Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster by Century. Century are well known for producing some of the best quality professional grade martial arts equipment, so it’s only fitting that they’re behind one of the best kids punching bags on the market.

The Century Lil’ Dragon is a fantastic way to introduce your child to combat sports and get them regularly exercising.

Benefits & Features

With an adjustable height system, the Wavemaster is able to range from 37” to 52”, making it suitable for a variety of heights and ages. This means that as your child continues to grow, the bag can be adjusted to match their growth rate.

Dotted around the body of the bag are a number of different color shapes and numbers, which are designed to allow your child to practice striking certain areas and develop their accuracy.

This in turn allows your child to foster both their fine and gross motor skills, which is a crucial aspect of any child’s development.

The bag itself is designed to allow children to have an authentic striking workout, with minimal chance of sustaining injury. High impact, shock absorbing foam is wrapped around the body of the bag to cushion the below of any strike.

Similarly, the Lil’ Dragon makes use of soft, yet high quality nylon that is placed around the shock absorbing foam. Even with these added safety features, I would still recommend your child to use boxing gloves for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if you go into any gym, their going to be wearing gloves when doing heavy bag workouts. Repeated blows to the bare knuckles can cause long-term damage to the hand, even if the bag is deemed as soft.

Secondly, wearing boxing gloves adds a bit of weight to your hands and adds a bit more endurance to the work out.

Located at the bottom of the of the bag is a wide base that provides stability and allows the bag to maintain upright when struck. The base itself can be filled with roughly 120lbs of either sand or water (I’d recommend using water).


As Century are known for producing some of the highest quality products on the market, their price tends to reflect their reputation.

Having said that, their punching bags for kids are significantly cheaper than their regular products and defiantly wont break the bank. Also, when you consider the fact that this is easily one of the best punching bags for kids, it really isn't that bad of a deal.


  • One of the highest quality kids punching bags on the market
  • Multiple targets to practice striking accuracy
  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for varying ages
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty provided by Century


  • One of the more expensive models

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster

best punching bag for kids


To be honest with you, this is pretty much the same as the Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster we discussed just now. Whichever of the two you can get for cheapest, I recommend you go for that one.  

Benefits & Features

As with all Century products, the Kid Kick Wavemaster is built for the long haul. Manufactured using high quality vinyl material with reinforced stitching; the freestanding bag is designed to withstand whatever your child can throw at it.

Due to the fact this kids punching bag is designed to be both punched and kicked, it allows your child to practice a variety of martial arts and combats sports, such as Muay Thai, Boxing, Karate and Kickboxing.

The Kid Kick Wavemaster punching bag features an adjustable height system that allows the bag to range from 37” to 52”. This is great if you’ve got a couple of kids of different ages who both want to practice with the punching bag.

Similarly, it’s also handy as you’re able to adjust the height of the bag as your child continues to grow.

The base of the bag measures 22” in diameter and can be filled with 170lbs of either sand or water. This provides the bag with a solid structure and prevents it from toppling over.


As I mentioned earlier, Century products are the crème de la crème of martial arts equipment and as such, tend to be accompanied by a pretty hefty price tag.

That being said, due to the fact that kids free standing punching bags are pretty small, the price isn’t too bad at all.


  • Can be used for a variety of martial arts such as Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate and Boxing
  • Adjustable height system allows multiple children of different ages to benefit from the Kid Kick Wavemaster
  • High quality build makes it incredibly long lasting


  • Unfortunately, the bag can often end up costing more than some of the cheaper brands on the market

Century Bobby Bully - Realistic Kids Punching Dummy

best punching bag for kids


The Century Bobby Bully is a punching dummy for kids that is designed to allow children to practice their striking accuracy by targeting specific areas of the body.

Part of the Century BOB (body opponent bag) range, the Bobby Bully is by far the best kids punching dummy and is often used in gyms across the world.

Benefits & Features

The Bobby kids punching dummy features a realistic skin shell that is pretty soft to strike, which means that the it can be used both with and without gloves.

As with most of these kids punching bags, the Century Bobby possesses an adjustable height system that allows the bag to move between 50” and 55” in height. This is actually fairly tall for a kids punching dummy and is probably suitable for children aged 5 years and up depending on how tall your child is.

Similarly to the other Century models on our list, the Bobby Bully’s base is both wide and solid and can be filled with 170lbs of water or sand. The dummy itself is easy to move, simply place it on its side and roll it wherever it needs to go.

Rhe Century Bobby is designed with an anatomically correct body with realistic proportions. This means that your child is able to practice striking certain areas of the body, which isn’t really possible with regular punching bags .

By training on a body like punching dummy, your child can develop their striking accuracy at home, without visiting their local club or gym.


Being such a one of a kind product, the Century Bobby Bully is one of the most expensive items on our list of the best kids punching bags.

If you’re looking to provide your child with the most realistic striking experience, then the Century Bobby is by far your best best.


  • Can practice both stand up and ground work techniques
  • Handles allow you to drill takedowns and throws
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Built to an exceptional standard


  • Fairly expensive for a free standing bag
  • Have to buy gloves separately

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 - Most Versatile Punching Bag For Kids

best punching bag for kids


Moving onto the final Century model on our list of the best punching bags for kids - the Century Youth V.SPAR.1.

Although a free standing punching bag, thanks to its handles located at the top, the V.SPAR.1 can double as a grappling dummy and can be used to practice a variety of techniques.

It’s worth mentioning that the bag itself is pretty large and is more suitable to older kids/ youths.

Benefits & Features

The Century V.SPAR,1 is one of the taller models on our list (48”) and features an incredibly large surface area. This in turn allows you to practice throwing strikes at a variety of different height levels, making the bag a fantastic for an array of different martial arts.

With the bag weighing around 49lb, it can easily be placed on the floor to practice ground work techniques or takedowns.

Similarly, the Century features handles at both the top and the bottom of the bag that allow you to practice gripping an opponent and throwing them to the ground. Once on the ground, you can then work on a variety of groundwork techniques or stand back up and begin the drill again.

The bag itself is manufactured using high quality vinyl material alongside shock absorbing foam, which makes the Century both long lasting and comfortable to hit. Having said that, I would still recommend using gloves, as I do with most of the models on our list.

One of the best aspects of the V.SPAR.1 is that the base comes pre-filled, weighing around 40lbs. Not only does this make it incredibly easy to assemble, its’ lightweight base makes it extremely easy to store as well.


The prices of these bags are always changing as companies continue to release new models. Having said that, the V.SPAR.1 tends to be on the more expensive side, however due to its versatile design, is well worth the money.


  • Can practice both stand up and ground work techniques
  • Handles allow you to drill takedowns and throws
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Built to an exceptional standard


  • Fairly expensive for a free standing bag
  • Have to buy gloves separately

E For Outdoor Punching bag - best inflatable Kids Punching Bag


This is a blow up punching bag for kids and actually offers a pretty decent striking experience. With a lot of inflatable kids punching bags, the quality tends to be pretty poor, however that isn’t that case with this bad boy.

Despite being relatively high quality, this is really a toddlers punching bag and as such, isn’t ideal for older children.

Benefits & Features

The first thing you’ll notice about this kids punching bag is the numbered targets located around its large surface area. This allows children to practice their striking accuracy at a variety of different height levels.

To improve their reaction time, you can even call out a number to your child, who then must strike the corresponding number on the bag.

What I like about this bag is how it swings forwards and backwards once it has been struck. This allows the kids to develop both their movement and their timing, as hitting a moving target provides more of a realistic training experience.

As with most of these kid’s freestanding punching bags, the base can be filled with either water or sand. This provides a stable foundation for the bag and is what allows the body to swing instead of falling over.

Another great aspect of this bag is its lightweight design, which allows it to be moved around and stored with ease. With some of the heavier bags, moving them can be a bit tricky, fortunately this isn’t an issue.

Unlike some of the other models we’ve discussed, the bag doesn’t feature an adjustable height system. Instead, it’s available in two heights 150cm and 160cm.

This is by far one of the best kids blow up punching bags, however it doesn’t compare to some of the higher quality, filled bags we’ve discussed earlier. You have to be pretty careful with the bag itself, as one small tear can render it useless.


To be honest, this is probably the best value for money model on our list of the best kids punching bags.


  • One of the most affordable bags on the list
  • Extremely easy to move and store out of site
  • The bag bounces back when struck which is great for practicing timing
  • Numbered targets allows kids to develop their striking at different heights


  • The height isn’t adjustable
  • Have to be careful with the material as the entire bag will be useless if it rips or tears

Tech Tools kis Punching Ball

best punching bag for kids


The punching ball by Tech Tools is more of a toy-grade kids reflex bag than a serious piece of equipment, however can still provide a brilliant work out for your little one.

Coming alongside gloves and a pump, the punching ball provides everything needed for a little bit of striking based exercise.

These definitely aren’t professional standard gloves either and I wouldn’t recommend using them on a more serious heavy bag, however are more than suitable for the punching ball by Tech Tools.

Benefits & Features

Instead of using a weighted base design, there is a platform connected to the ball that you stand on. This is a pretty clever design and means that that it’ll never fall over when you hit it.

The punching ball also makes use of a spring loaded design that allows the ball to swing back and forth, which in turn allows your child to practice both their movement and the timing of their strikes.

An adjustable height system allows the ball can range from 35” to 50” in height, which means that you can continue to increase the height as your child grows. 

Although not the best quality piece of equipment, the punching ball offers fantastic exercise as well as a fun work out experience.


In terms of price, the kids punching bag by Tech Tools offers brilliant fantastic for money. If you’re not looking for a serious piece of equipment, yet want something that allows for an entertaining work out for your child, this is a brilliant option.


  • Comes alongside gloves and a pump, meaning that no extra accessories need to be bought
  • The platform design of the bag means that it will never topple over
  • The spring system is brilliant for your child to practice their timing, as striking the moving ball is significantly harder than when it is staying still. This in turn will offer invaluable reflexes and motor skills that are essential to a child’s development.


  • This is more of a toy grade punching bag and as such, probably wont last as long as some of the more serious items on our list
  • Although it comes with gloves, they’re not really suitable for use on a harder, more traditional punching bag

Big Time Toys Bopper Bag - best Toddlers Punching bag


Moving onto the final item of our list, this time taking a look at the Big Time Toys Bopper Bag.

As the name suggests, this is definitely a toy grade model and is an incredibly cheap punching bag for kids. As such, the quality isn’t the best, however for the price, it’s surprisingly sturdy and can still offer a fun way method of exercise for your child.

As with most of the inflatable models, this is more of a toddlers punching bag, however depending on the size of your child, can still be used by any age.

Benefits & Features

The Bopper Bag is an inflatable punching bag for kids and features a weighted base that allows the bag to swing back up once it has been struck. The inflatable deign also means that it won’t hurt your child to strike, neither will they need to use gloves.

Dotted around the surface area of the bag are a number of phrases such as ‘wham’ and ‘pow’. A fun drill to run with your child it to call out some different phrases and for them to strike each one accordingly. This allows for them to develop their both reflexes and hand eye co-ordination.

Although the Bopper Bag is undoubtedly a toy, it’s a great way to get your little one starting self defence early and is a brilliant way for them to enjoy exercise.

What’s more, it also offers a bit of a stress release and is a great way for them to safely release the pent up energy that little ones tend to have.


Being a toy, the Bopper Bag is unsurprisingly incredibly cheap. Obviously this is reflected in the quality, but if you’re looking for a budget friendly way to get your child up and moving, this could well be perfect.


  • Incredibly cheap
  • Easy to set up, just blow up the bag and you’re ready to go
  • The inflatable design means that your child doesn’t need gloves, nor will it hurt them in any way


  • Despite being cheap, the quality definitely isn’t anywhere near as good as some of the other bags on the list
  • If the bag gets even one tear, it will deflate and be useless

Best Kids Heavy Bag (Hanging)

This section of our list is going to be taking a look at the best heavy bags for kids.

Unlike freestanding bags, these will be hanging down from above and are seen as the more ‘traditional’ type of punching bag.

RDX Kids Punching Bag Set - Best Kids Heavy Bag


RDX are a well known manufacturer of different martial arts equipment and have released what I deem to be the best heavy bag for kids.

Benefits & Features

The RDX heavy bag is by far one of the best kids punching bags and offers brilliant value for money. Made using professional non-tear Maya Hide Leather, the bag is both extremely long lasting and waterproof.

The bag itself is available in a range of colours – red, blue, green and white. Having the choice of color is pretty uncommon in heavy bags, so it’s a nice addition by RDX.

When looking for the best punching bag for kids, you’ll come across both filled and unfilled options. In my opinion, filled is by far the better option as it saves you from having to find something to fill the bag with, then having to do the filling.

The RDX hanging bag fortunately comes filled with textiles rags that make it relatively soft to strike. Although soft, I would still recommend using the Maya Hide junior boxing gloves that come alongside the bag. These are actually surprisingly high quality and are another fantastic addition by RDX.

A hanging chain comes alongside the bag; however, you’ll need to ether find somewhere to mount it or buy a heavy bag stand separately.


In terms of price, the RDX is actually one of the most budget friendly options on our list, despite being incredibly high quality.


  • Comes with a pair of high quality boxing gloves that can be used to strike the bag
  • Waterproof, so can be used outside as well as inside
  • Available in 4 different colour designs
  • Comes filled with materials


  • Although it comes with a hanging chain, you’ll have to find somewhere to hang the bag itself. If you don’t have anywhere, you may need to buy a heavy bag stand, which can of course add to the costs.

Ringside Kids Boxing Set - Best Heavy Bag For young children (2-5yrs)

best kids punching bag


This is a nice little kids punching bag set that comes with a bag, a pair of gloves and headgear.

What’s more, the Ringside kids boxing kit is incredibly affordable, yet doesn’t sacrifice quality in order to be budget friendly.

Age: 3-6 

Benefits & Features

The bag itself is actually surprisingly small and is suitable for kids ages roughly 3-6 depending on their height. It’s roughly 17” long and around 5” in diameter. If this is slightly small, then I would recommend the RDX model I just discussed.

Alternatively, we’ll discuss a larger, heavier version of the Ringside kit next.

Alongside the bag you also receive a pair of boxing gloves and a head kit. To be honest, the head kit is somewhat pointless as I doubt you’re 5-year-old is going to be sparring with anyone. That being said, if it makes them feel like more of a boxer, then why not?

Another brilliant aspect of the Ringside kid’s heavy bag is that it is available in 3 different colour variations, being Red & Black, Pink & White and Blue & White.


Due to the fact that the bag itself is pretty small and is designed for fairly young children, it’s actually pretty inexpensive.

Although small, the Ringside is made to a good standard and is definitely worth the money.


  • Comes alongside both a pair of gloves and headgear
  • Available in 3 color ways
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Great punching bag for young kids


  • Because it’s so small and lightweight, it’s only suitable for small children, ages 2-6

Ringside Heavy Bag Boxing Kit

best kids punching bag


This is the larger version of the kit we just discussed and as such, is designed for slightly older kids.

The Ringside children’s punching bag kit comes alongside both a pair of gloves and hand wraps that can be worn when working out on the bag.

Age: 5-13

Benefits & Features

Weighing a decent 40lb, the Ringside boxing kit is a perfect miniature representation of a professional standard heavy bag.

Made using high quality vinyl material, the bag itself is extremely durable and long lasting. This material is however pretty tough, so I would 100% recommend that children wear gloves when using this heavy bag.

Fortunately, the Ringside kids punching bag set comes alongside both a pair of gloves and hand wraps. Both can be worn when working out on the bag to protect the child’s hands, which of course should be a top priority.

As well as this, Ringside also provides a swivel and mount that can be used to attach the bag to your desired location. If you’ve not got anywhere to hang the bag, I would suggest looking into heavy bag stands, as they tend to be pretty cheap and easy to set up.

The Ringside is suitable for pretty much any striking based sport/ martial art such as Boxing, Muay Thai or Kick Boxing.

Overall, the Ringside boxing kit is pretty awesome for children looking to get into martial arts and is by far one of the best punching bag for kids currently available.


In terms of price, the Ringside isn’t too expensive. It’s not as cheap as some of the models on our list, but it certainly isn’t expensive either.


  • Comes alongside both hand wraps and gloves for added support and protection
  • Brilliant for a variety of striking bases martial arts
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Built to an exceptional standard


  • Fairly large - suitable only for older children

Harvil Kids Boxing Set

best kids punching bag


This is undoubtedly one of the best kids punching bag sets on Amazon. Not only is the Harvil kids set high quality, it’s comes with a tonne of extras that make it well worth the investment.

Age: 4+

Benefits & Features

The Harvil kids boxing set comes with everything needed for your child to have a fun and enjoyable work out. Alongside the bag comes a hanging chain, mount, 6oz gloves and a skipping rope. This is a crazy amount of extras to include, especially considering the price.

The bag itself is a fairly large size, measuring 11” in diameter, 25” long and weighs around 25lbs. It’s worth noting that the bag comes pre-filled with textile fabrics that make that cushions the blow of each punch. As I’ve mentioned before, I would still recommend using gloves with these bags, despite their soft filling.

You also receive a money back guarantee as well as a 90-day warranty that ensures your investment will be worth it. If there’s any fault with the bag you can either get it replaced, or get your money back.

Hanging the bag can be a bit tricky and requires you to mount it to a ceiling using the 12-inch hanging chain with the heavy gauge welded D-ring.


Considering the amount of accessories that come alongside the Harvil Kids Boxing Set, the price isn’t really too bad at all.

In terms of value for money, this is one of the best punching bags for kids around.


  • Comes alongside a number of accessories
  • Great value for money
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Incredible money back guarantee and 90-day warranty


  • Can be tricky setting the bag up

Pure Boxing Kids Heavy Bag Set

pure boxing set for kids


This is another children’s punching bag set that comes alongside a few handy accessories

Age: 4+

Benefits & Features

The Pure Boxing heavy bag provides a brilliant work out and exercise routine for children. With the option to mix heavy bag and skipping rope exercises, this is a fun way to get your little one taking an interest in a new sport and getting a healthy bit of exercise.

You also don’t need to buy any accessories to go alongside the bag as it coms with both 6oz children’s boxing gloves as well as all the required accessories to mount the kids punching bag to the ceiling.

The bag itself measures 25-inches X 23-inches (length X width) and weighs around 25lbs. As such, the bag is probably suited for children between the ages of 4-11, depending on the size of your child.

One of the best aspects of the Pure bag is that it comes pre-filled with safe, dense foam that is highly shock absorbing and makes the bag comfortable to hit. Although the exterior of the bag is made using canvas material that isn’t too tough, I would still recommend using the free pair of gloves.

The Pure Boxing Bag also comes with a complete hanger set, so you can get the bag set up and ready for the little one to use in no time at all.


The Pure Heavy Bag Set is priced extremely fair for the number of accessories you get alongside the bag. The skipping rope and boxing gloves are a great addition, that when paired with the attachment hardware, makes the Pure set a pretty solid bang for your buck.


  • Comes alongside boxing gloves and skipping rope for a fun and entertaining work out for your child
  • Also comes with all the attachment accessories necessary to mount the heavy bag to the ceiling
  • Great value for money when you take into account the number of additional accessories you get.
  • Comes pre-filled which saves you from having to do this yourself


  • As with most of heavy bags, actually getting the bag mounted to a ceiling can be a bit tricky. If you don’t want to damage your ceiling, you can always buy a heavy bag stand, however this will add to your costs.

Everlast Heavy Bag Kit

best kids punching bag


The Everlast kids punching bag is an extremely popular choice for parents looking to introduce their children to boxing, Muay Thai, kickboxing or just looking for an interesting way to get them exercising.

Of course, Everlast are one of the most well known manufacturers of boxing equipment and for good reason. Their products tend to be of the highest quality, with their 25lb heavy bag kit being one of the best punching bags for kids currently available.

Age: 6+

Benefits & Features

The Everlast heavy bag for kids is manufactured using patented Nevatear Material, which as you may be able to guess from the name – “never tears”. This is by far one of the most durable bags on our list and is built to last what ever your child is able to throw at it.

With a filling of natural and synthetic fibres alongside sifted sand, the Everlast one of the more professional standard punching bas on our list.

Where most other bags used some form of textile rag, the Everlast opts for a far more professional filling that tends to be longer lasting and more durable.

This sturdy interior means that it’s a good idea for your child to wear both the Everlast hand wraps and gloves that come alongside the bag.

You also get a solid steal hanger than can be screwed into a wooden beam to hang the bag from. If you haven’t got a wooden beam I would suggest getting a heavy bag stand.


I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price of the Everlast kids punching bag, as most Everlast products tend to be one of the pricier options.

However, that’s not the case here and is what makes the Everlast one of the best punching bags for kids money can buy.


  • Professional standard heavy bag for kids, that’s both durable and long lasting
  • Comes alongside gloves and cotton hand wraps for maximum comfort and support
  • Comes pre-filled
  • Amazing value for money


  • Requires a wooden beam to hang the bag from. If you’ve not got a suitable beam then you’ll need to get a different heavy bag mount of heavy bag stand.

Gymax Boxing Bag Set

best kids punching bag


We’re starting to get through our list of the best punching bags for kids! Well done if you’ve made it this far, just one more to go!

The Gymax boxing bag set is a high quality heavy bag designed for young kids over the age of 5 and provides a fantastic way to get your little ones up and exercising.

Age: 5+

Benefits & Features

The Gymax boxing bag set is made from durable anti-burst PU material and filled using a mixture of fibre and sand. This makes the bag pretty solid and definitely requires gloves.

Fortunately, the punching bag set comes alongside breathable gloves that are both comfortable and protective. I’ve heard from a few people that the gloves are pretty large, so if you’re child is on the smaller side of things, you may need to get them some gloves separately.

As with most of these children’s heavy bags, the Gymax set domes alongside all the pieces needed to mount the bag.

Interestingly, you also get a rucksack that you can put the heavy bag inside if you ever need to transport it. This is a pretty uncommon feature and I’m unsure how often it would be used; however it’s a nice addition that you don’t see very often.

This is a pretty tricky job and requires a suitable surface to hang from. As I’ve mentioned already, if you’ve not got anywhere to hang it, you should look into getting a heavy bag stand.

The bag also comes alongside a skipping rope to allow your child to participate in a full boxer-esque work out. Skipping is also a great way to get your heart rate going and warm up before taking part in a heavy bag exercises.


To be honest, the Gymax heavy bag set for kids is neither expensive or cheap. It’s pretty much what you would expect to pay for a kids punching bag.

Despite being average in price, the bag itself is far above average in quality and is definitely great value for money.


  • High quality punching bag made using professional material and filling
  • Comes alongside both a pair of breathable boxing gloves and a skipping rope
  • A mounting device is also included in the package which allows you to fasten the bag to a ceiling
  • One of the most durable and long lasting kids punching bags on the market


  • Have to have a suitable place and enough room to hang the bag

Best Punching Bag For Kids: The Verdict

Ok, so we’ve made it to the end of our list of the best kids punching bags. So, what do we recommend as the best of each type?

Top Kids Free Standing Punching Bag - Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster

Top Heavy Bag for Children: RDX Kids Punching Bag

Both of these two are the best punching bags for kids and are sure to provide your child with endless hours of fun and exercise.

Kids Punching Bag Buyers Guides 

What to Consider When Looking For the Best Kids Punching Bag


Depending on the age and size of your child, the size of the punching bag is going to be a massive factor. Get one too small, and it will swing far too easily, similarly, a bag too big will barely move when struck.


Back at the beginning of this article we discussed the difference between free standing and hanging heavy bags. Depending on where you’re planning on putting the punching bag will determine the type of bag you go for. Bear in mind that you will need to have a surface suitable for mounting a heavy bag if you go for the hanging option.

Material Used

The material used to construct the punching bag will have a direct affect on its’ durability and overall quality. Inflatable punching bags for example tend to be cheaper, however they also tend to break a lot easier as one small tear can render them useless.

Whereas high quality punching bags will make use of durable vinyl material that is high quality and tear resistant.

Is the Bag in a Set?

A number of different brands offer their punching bags for kids as part of a set. I strongly recommend these sets, as they tend to come with a pair of gloves and a way to hang the bag.

By buying a bag in a set, you’ll save yourself a bit of money in the long run as you won’t need to buy a pair of gloves separately.


Unfortunately, the price of the punching bag will most likely have a direct correlation to its quality.

Cheaper bags tend to break easier; where as more expensive bags from reputable brands tend to be more durable, although costing significantly more.

Benefits of Using a Punching Bag

So, what’s the point of buying a punching bag for your child/ children?

  • Stress relief – Heavy bag workouts provide the perfect platform to relieve stress and any pent up energy that young children tend to have.
  • Great cardiovascular work out - Working out on a heavy bag is a great way to get your heart rate going and improve cardio vascular endurance.
  • Learn self-defence & improve confidence – Learning to effectively protect yourself is a vital part of growing up and in my opinion, every child should know some form of self defence.
  • Get your children interested in a new sport/ hobby – Combat sports are on the rise and if you haven’t noticed, there’s a tonne of money to be made. Even if it’s not as a profession, it’s a great way to get your child exposed to new sports and hobbies.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination & reflexes – Working out on a heavy bag is sure fire way to develop your child’s hand eye coordination.
  • Bond with your child over a newfound interest – Why not spend half an hour a day working out with your child with their new heavy bag? It’s a great way for you both to participate in some exercise and share a bonding experience together.

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What Age Can A Kid Start Working Out On A Punching Bag?

This is really down to the parent of the child. If a child has expressed an interest in boxing, then there are a variety of options for different age groups. Inflatable punching bags for example, despite lacking in quality are great for youngster who are looking more to ‘play’ than they are to exercise.

Can These Punching Bags Be Used Outdoors?

To be honest, not many of these are waterproof. In fact, only the RDX kids heavy bag is waterproof on our list.

Are They Safe For My Child To Use?

Yes they’re safe to use, however I would always recommend supervising your children as things to tend to go wrong when young kids are involved.

Should I Bother With an Inflatable Punching Bags?

Inflatable punching bags tend to be far worse in terms of quality than regular, filled bags. However, they’re far cheaper and if you’re looking for a fun activity for your little one to do, then why not? As I mentioned earlier, these are much more toddler punching bags for young ones who would rather play than have any form of work out.

Popular Brands Of Kids Punching Bags


Everlast is potentially the most well known brand in boxing. Famed their high quality products, they’ve established a wide fan base around the world and continue to impress boxers and martial artists alike with their awesome products.


Century provide a wide range of martial arts gear, from punching bags to fight simulators, and aim to cater to any martial arts enthusiast. Although costing a pretty penny, their products are always built to the highest quality and are a common site in gyms across the globe.


Ringside are another popular brand of boxing gear, although less known than Everlast, their products are just as good. Not only is their boxing gear top of the class, they offer their products at an incredibly affordable rate.


RDX specialise in producing high quality gear for a range of martial arts. Whether you’re an MMA or boxing enthusiast, RDX always has something to offer. Oh, and their stuff doesn’t break the bank either!

Example Punching Bag Work Outs For Kids

Best Punching Bags For Kids Round Up

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  1. I’ve been looking at getting a punching bag for my son for awhile. I’d like the get a hanging bag for our garage. He is 6 (almost 7), and would greatly benefit from it. However, I’d like to do this together, so I’d love to get something we could both use. Is there something we could both use, or will I have to buy two separate bags? Do you have a recommendation? I’ve seen several RDX and Everlast bags on Amazon. Thanks!

    1. I can definitely understand your preference to find a bag that will work for both of you. You can see our regular punching bag write up here: The downside to an adult bag would be the weight….they may be a bit heavy for your son. That would make it more difficult to feel like his punches are having an impact, and could end up feeling like he is just punching at a wall, as the bag wouldnt move much. That being said, could still offer great training as he grows. Personal preference could be the Ringside Powerhide, as you can start off keeping it relatively light and fill with heavier materials as he gets older.

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